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Banana Bounty – Flower Salad

What to do with the Glut?
Pt 2. The prequel.

If you think ahead there won’t be a glut.
There can’t be banana fruit if you eat the flowers first.

Of course the problem there is that you can take the flower off after fruit has set!

But seriously, have you ever thought about eating banana flowers? Continue reading Banana Bounty – Flower Salad

Bountiful Bananas

I’m excited my Dwarf Ducasse banana plant has arrived. We already have Blue Java and Gold finger but have been waiting 12 months for this special dwarf growing banana sucker.

Up there with pineapples, pawpaws and coconuts, bananas are definitely part of that quintessential group of ultimate tropical fruits, but did you know that they are actually classed as a herb? Interesting! Continue reading Bountiful Bananas