Blooming in Brisbane Videos

This is a Brisbane filmed and produced gardening program relating directly to gardening in South East Qld.

It airs on community TV station Briz31-Channel 44 and can be viewed on you tube. Season 3 in currently in production

Succulent Success - I have always had love of succulents more so than cactus I would have to say. The variety of foliage colours, textures and forms is mindboggling. Here is a segment that I did for Blooming in Brisbane on creating your very own succulent bowl. Simple as.
Lavender in the Subtropics - Maybe it’s my French heritage but I just love lavender, but in subtropical climates it can be tricky to work out which ones are the most successful to grow.
Rochedale Community Garden - Community Gardens are becoming more and more popular throughout Australia and not only because they give people within the local community who may have no garden space to grow edibles but because they create a sense of community for those with a passion for growing and wanting to grow plants.
The Wonders of Flowering Aloes - Here I visit the garden of the man behind the aloe aloe nursery Michael Dent in Brisbane, to see why everyone should find room in their garden for these colourful, hardy, bee and bird attracting beauties.
Rosevale Homestead – Heritage roses in SEQ
 - Leonie Kearney is a wealth of information when it comes to growing heritage roses in subtropical climates and her breathtakingly beautiful garden showcases some of the best varieties for our climate.
Pepinos and Potted fruit trees - The Pepino is a marvellous fruiting plant that can be grown not only in the garden but in pots and hanging baskets as well, making it ideal for small gardens and balconies.
Mysterious Salad Greens - No more do you have to have just a variety of lettuce in your salads this summer, why not try some of the tasty easy to grow edible greens I showcase here in this episode of Blooming in Brisbane.
Roman Spur in his garden Compost Tea, Pomegranates and Spurtopia! - A bumper crop of clips  here across two episodes! How to make compost tea Pomegranate woes – looking at fruit that has split and soft sunken patches. Visiting an urban edible paradise in Brisbane’s inner city suburb of New Farm ‘Spurtopia”
The Coucals of Mt Crosby - Here I visit the wonderful garden of Jan and Jim Flannigan “The Coucals of Mt Crosby’ in the western suburbs of Brisbane.
Growing Bulbs in The Subtropics - You can grow bulbs in subtropical climates you just have to know which ones and understand that some are best treated as annuals.
The Strawberry Tower - Create your very own Strawberry Tower.  See me on this Blooming in Brisbane episode do just that! A good gardening activity for young and old. Before you know it you’ll be harvesting your very own fresh organic strawberries.
fingerlime Fingerlime - Here I do a show and tell on one Australia’s most popular bush tucker plants The Fingerlime.
The Perfect Herb Planter - How to create that perfect herb planter and why mint should be on it’s own.
Subtropical Edible Greens - Having a look what alternatives there are in the world of edible greens to grow in the subtropics throughout the warmer months of year.
Worm farm Worm Farm - How to set up a traditional worm farm and a few tips and tricks to successful worm keeping.
Wow Factor Herbs – Great herbs for Asian Cooking - This segment looks at growing great herbs for Asian cooking – Curry Leaf Tree, Kaffir Lime and Laksa leaf mint.
peppermint scented geranium Wow Factor Herbs – Peppermint Scented Geraniums - In this video you’ll find out why geraniums and chocolate cake are perfect partners!

Gardening for the Good Life!