Succulent Success

I have always had love of succulents more so than cactus I would have to say. The variety of foliage colours, textures and forms is mindboggling.

Here is a segment that I did for Blooming in Brisbane on creating your very own succulent bowl. Simple as.

Whether it is a gift or just for yourself, the combination options are limitless. Not only with your succulent plant selection but type of container, pebbles and decorations as well.

So have a bit of fun when planning your succulent creation.

Some of my favourite genus groups of succulents:

  • Sedum species,
  • Kalanchoe spp,
  • Agave spp,
  • Echeveria spp,
  • Gasteria spp,
  • Haworthia spp,
  • Senecio spp.

I’m not kidding when I say that there are 1000’s of species of 100’s of genera of succulent type plants for you to drool over and try and decide which ones to grow.

Succulent purchasing and owning can easily become very addictive.

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