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Growing everything edible from herbs, vegetables of all types, fruiting plants and the like and how to do this successfully with a range of great advice and tips to get started and successfully keep going.

Bountiful Bananas

I’m excited my Dwarf Ducasse banana plant has arrived. We already have Blue Java and Gold finger but have been waiting 12 months for this special dwarf growing banana sucker.

Up there with pineapples, pawpaws and coconuts, bananas are definitely part of that quintessential group of ultimate tropical fruits, but did you know that they are actually classed as a herb? Interesting! Continue reading Bountiful Bananas

Rochedale Community Garden

Community Gardens are becoming more and more popular throughout Australia and not only because they give people within the local community who may have no garden space to grow edibles but because they create a sense of community for those with a passion for growing and wanting to grow plants.

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