This Week’s Talkback on ABC 612 Radio

I had the pleasure of filling in for the wonderful Annette McFarlane on ABC612 Gardening Talkback with Chris Welsh, what a great morning of varied questions!
Looking forward to filling in again sometime in the future.

The Gardening Talkback

Great questions from listeners covering everything from Citrus Bugs to Asparagus by way of Ponytail Palms.
From ornamental to edible – propagating hibiscus and mulberries and from diseases to prevention.
Everything a subtropical gardener needs to know right now is right here.
And there’s a question about lemons!

The Chook Talkback!

abc eggsChook talkback is something Chris and myself have been doing on a monthly basis and this Saturday had the phone lines running hot, our producer said I could stayed on for hours from the number of calls he was taking. The passion of keeping chooks is exploding all over Brisbane 🙂

This time we discuss how to introduce new chickens to an established group, broodiness and why sometimes they just won’t lay.
If chicken feed and the quality of eggshells are topics as close to your heart as they are mine – enjoy!

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