Miracle Fruit

It’s a Miracle!

Indeed it is when you sample one of these tiny red fruits from the plant Synsepalum dulcificum commonly known as the ‘Miracle fruit’.

Why? I hear you ask…

LemonsThe Miracle fruit, when eaten, affects the sour receptors of your taste buds so that everything you eat tastes sweet. This means you can quite safely eat a lemon like an apple without the screwed up and distorted facial expressions. It will actually enhance the flavour of acid and sweet foods.

It will only last say around 30min I’ve found and I have it on good authority that beer tastes quite ghastly consumed whilst the Miracle fruit is in full effect. 😉

MIracle FruitGrowing the Miracle fruit:
Originates from the tropical jungles of West Africa and is a very slow growing densely foliaged shrub to around 2-3m and is well suited to pot culture.

Full sun to partial shade are fine and once established it will tolerate reasonable amounts of drought. They do prefer an acidic moist soil though and will tolerate only very light frost. The small flowers are fairly insignificant and sometimes the red berries can come, as a bit of a surprise due to the fact you haven’t even noticed the previous flowers.

For that person – whether a gardener or not – that has everything why not consider giving one as a gift?

Or of course adding one to you own backyard or deck.

Birdwood Nursery is one of the main stockists in Australia.


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